8 – 12 February 2016 – Upton Hall (by Nick Sanders Hon MBHI)
Responding to a request from the BHI Museum Trust, nine members from all over Scotland formed a museum accreditation working party to assist with the identification and detailed documentation of artefacts in the museum collection at Upton Hall.
Ken Chapelle FBHI, Don Clark, Lucas Marijnissen MBHI, Duncan Massie, the two John Robertsons, Nick Sanders, Ashley Strachan and Jurgen Tubbecke stayed in Upton Hall and spent most of the week of 8 to 12 February studying a wide variety of clocks and watches, adding identification labels, completing written descriptions, noting dimensions and taking carefully numbered photographs of each object.  Excellent progress was made and by the end of the week we were able to hand over a large pile of completed artefact description forms and associated photographic records to the volunteer staff who will continue with the documentation process.
I would certainly encourage other branches to offer assistance at Upton Hall in this way – there’s plenty more to do!